Are you ready to take a trip with me?
Then give me your hand, close your eyes and listen to my story

Salento, 2010.

Salento, 2010. It’s a day of rain and wind, summer is over and nature claims its seasons. I see everything from the window, I am safe and protected from all weather.

I am at my parents' farm, which, ironically, produces its own raincoats, although for the world of fish and agriculture...

I begin to daydream, thinking about my future , and I imagine myself at the head of the family business, working on a project that keeps us together, based exclusively on, our values and our traditions.

Northern Europe, 5 years later

Another rainy day.

I look around and I ask myself how come no one seems to be in the same hurry as me.  

The answer   is on front of my eyes, maybe you were able to see what I saw: people didn’t run away, because they were wearing raincoats. Isn’t it ironic?

I suddenly decided to come back to Mesagne and understand that the family business must maintain its roots, giving support to my loved ones, my parents, my aunts.

June 2019.

I am in Mesagne. I returned to my country after more than 10 years. I put aside all prejudice and overwhelmed everyone with my vision. Nonconformism is a state of mind. And WOO is not just a brand, but a lifestyle


Woo is the collection of clothing and accessories with roots in the world of fishing and the mood in the Scandinavian urban lifestyle.

From this union of distant worlds was born an independent and proud brand, like the women of RAITEX, the family manufacturing company, all female on which Woo is based.

The thirty-year experience of Raitex, the only company in Italy to heat weld, is a guarantee of quality and precision.

In the Salentino factory, near Mesagne, Rita, Genoveffa and Mary are in fact responsible for producing zero-kilometre garments, in which every fabric waste is reused to create accessories and significantly reduce the amount of waste.

We believe in the rediscovery of values:

In love for the family. In craftsmanship and slow fashion. In being unique and be happy to be. In respect of nature and human beings.