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Fashion communicates, fascinates and makes millions of people dream

Christmas gifts have always expressed gratitude and gratitude and have always been exchanged as a sign of wish for prosperity and abundance. In our time, the choice on what to buy is often induced, conducted and concluded following a model in which we are all immersed. Now known in the market as “disposable”: low economic value, high functional performance.

The technological innovations of the last century have spread it everywhere in every sector, including the textile sector, thanks to the specific utility that consumers derive from it. In the fashion industry, value goes far beyond the need to dress and meet the need to express themselves, to create, to affirm identity and cultural belonging. Especially at festivals, impulse purchases multiply without real awareness of the consequences they generate. To learn more we have selected some official sources: unfashionalliance.org, the United Nations website dedicated to this issue and the dedicated pages by the European Parliament.

The debate is growing at all levels. Choosing what to buy and how to buy is a matter of impact: joy, surprises, unexpected emotions, new bonds. But at the same time. What remains after the gift? What imprint do our purchases leave?

No fashion that enchants and deceives.

Yes, trendy acting and changing.

Gifts continue to do their work for thousands of years, as the bundles of fir exchanged by the ancient Romans, from which it is said that the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts originated. Humanity is pleased to achieve the innate and universal goal of “giving to others as gifts”, but ends up losing sight of the consequences. If a gift is such when you receive “without compensation”, imagine that for each gift “fast fashion” exchanged in the world the economic value is not only in the price paid by those who chose it, but in the highest cost.

Woo has chosen a production philosophy that embraces the future of fashion, the only one possible to continue dreaming. We are also part of an economic system, but we do not seek excuses.

WOO produces in small scales and according to your wishes, following the model of the “make to order”, a choice motivated by our ideals. The commitment is also constant in “re-fashion” with the use of waste, which we never treat as waste, but we put back into circulation as new materials, to create different cuts and accessories. For the New Year we have in mind new projects for economic, social and environmental sustainability. On the construction site there is the investment in a solar energy production plant, the development of social projects related to the territory and the improvement of the efficiency of our distribution channels.

We produce in Italy, in Puglia, to ensure traceability and compliance with all regulations to protect the work and the overall quality of our garments.

We adopt the principle of inclusiveness in every aspect of our work, from the ideation of leaders to the choices of communication. We protect the roots and identity of the places. Our latest Timeless campaign was set in a “peripheral” territory, of which we want to remember the precious traditions and protect the uniqueness.

WOO gives space to feelings, but rejects accumulation without responsibility and consciousness. We carefully select materials and suppliers and together with YOU, in our small, we walk towards the great dream of participating in the change.

Giving will always remain a timeless promise, capable of bonding and expressing gratitude.

Fashion is us, with our choices. And now to choose.

Magic stays, commitment changes.