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New campaign

We chose the scenery of the Lucanian Calanchi. Immersed in a unique natural setting, almost dreamlike, created by the silent and harmonious action of rain, wind and seasons, we found a metaphorical reflection of our lifestyle and work. Here where the mountains evolve, the clay is shaped, the grooves outline soft climbs, new ideas and visions of the future take shape .

TIMELESS is the name chosen to describe a campaign inspired by these values: research, creativity, kindness.

RESEARCH. We look for quality in every detail and we put great care in thinking about our garments and accessories, born to combine aesthetics and functionality. The materials we select are designed, composed and reused to protect against rain and wind, to wrap and heat even on colder days, to resist fire and corrosion. They are garments that blend different souls in a unique style like that of WOO: waterproof products that “speak” a language that is both intimate and universal and aim to reach exploratory and courageous personalities. The new models of Raincoats and accessories by WOO, accompany you season after season, as a tale of a timeless, authentic style, able to hold together generations and different cultures.

CREATIVITY. The missing time, the aging time, the time that flie for WOO time is an ally that teaches, that leaves room for creativity, that indicates what is right to save of the present , what is wise to bring into the future. We ask ourselves sometime. What will remain in a hundred years of all that surrounds us? What has come to this day from past generations? As the history of these places tells us, we believe that what comes from creativity is destined to overcome obstacles and difficulties. Being creative means combining elements that already exist to overcome new limits, create new challenges and find useful solutions to improve the present.

KINDNESS. The Journey among the Badlands was also an opportunity to know the welcome of people who live a short distance, in small neighboring towns, such as Aliano. Here the poetry resists in the looks and the arms of the inhabitants. The world seems far away, but arrives intangible and almost muffled. It passes through the illuminated screens of the smartphones of the shepherds and the peasants, where, however, it stops, almost bounces, slides like water, seems to surrender to the beauty and intensity of a humanity with a kind and strong presence, always able to evolve in forms and remain itself in the soul.