We produce responsibly


No garment contains heavy metals or nitrogen-dyes, all components comply with REACH standards, the integrated legislation, which aims to ensure a greater level of protection of human health and the environment; we use PVC from European suppliers selected according to strict standards of quality and respect for the environment; we are committed to reducing the impact of production by recycling part of fabric discarded for new accessories and apply the philosophy MAKE TO ORDER; we use recyclable and recycled packaging; we adopt a shipping policy aimed at effectively limiting the impact of polluting emissions.


We promote a concept of a company that does not base its entire life on mere short- or medium-term profit, but works with the purpose of managing time, costs, resources and raw materials in order to limit the impact to the maximum for future generations; our aim is to produce garments that combine aesthetics and functionality, durable and durable, whose value is recognized for the ability to improve people’s lives; we also make part of the proceeds to civil society, through projects useful to the community such as that of Hujipalas, which deals with building a village and helping women of Kenya to achieve


We work on the satisfaction of our customers, taking care of every detail, but above all with an eye to the psycho-physical well-being of our employees. We do our utmost to ensure safety in the workplace and quality of life for the people who work in our office every day. We contribute to the growth of the territory with projects to spread our corporate culture; we also fight on social inclusion and the reduction of inequalities, promoting garments NO GENDER and UNISEX.

Make to Order

Overproduction and excessive consumption are the big problems in the fast-fashion sector. We believe that as a fashion brand we have a responsibility to produce less and invite consumers to buy less and buy better. This is why our garments are made only after placing an order: MAKE TO ORDER.

A corporate production strategy in which each item is produced only after receiving an order from the customer, this brings various advantages: the customization of the item for the customer, the reduction of inventory and total waste, reduces the risk of unsold stocks that usually turn into waste. We also hope that the purchase of a garment made just for you will help you turn it into something special that you will love and wear for years to come and give to future generations.

Turning it into a vintage garment with a strong emotional connection.

Environmental sustainability

Woo undertakes to:

  • use material without heavy metals or nitrogen-dyes;
  • all components comply with REACH standards, the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations and the European Commission has published a report on this subject

  • Recycle part of production waste;
  • PVC comes from ISO14001 certified sources and is a material fully recyclable, durable and comfortablee;

  • uses only stainless steel, nickel-free, resistant to corrosion, highly durable, with high material content recycled and high recovery rates.

Lava T70 EN 343 PVCPVC on polyester 305 g/m2

SPL 351 EN 343 PVC PVC on polyester 360 g/m2

SPL 500 EN 343 PVC PVC on polyester 505 g/m2

SPL 600 EN 343 PVC PVC on polyester 580 g/m2

Economic sustainability


Giulia, founder of Woo, spent a few months of her life in Kenya to write her thesis.

During this trip he met women forced to live in the Shantytowns. The project he wants to support talks about the realization of Kijiji Village.

The village of Kijiji is a dream that once realized will allow 15 families of Korogocho to have sustainable homes outside Nairobi, thanks to the association Huipalas.

The devastating effects of pollution and global warming have made the impact that humans have on the surrounding environment extremely topical.

Through this project Woo together with Huipalas, the association with which we collaborate, seeks to promote the achievement of goals such as: poverty reduction, sustainability of housing and instruction for women in Kenya.

That is why every year we actively contribute to paying a contribution in support of this cause!


Social sustainability

Woo values diversity in all its forms and gender difference. That’s why we decided to make a UNISEX line, same cut for men and women.