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Do you know the meaning of the word Woo?

Woo combines the words “Waterproof” in English waterproofing and water resistance, and the exclamation “Wow“. 

Waterproof is in fact the focus of the brand and its material, versatile but also functional against rain and weather. The exclamation Wow, which expresses wonder and enthusiasm, is instead the emphasis that is hidden behind the brand. 

Woo exalts rain as a positive element, without it there would be no nourishment for the soil, and therefore there would be no life, a small example that “not all evils come to harm“. 

So Woo products represent this philosophy, traveling the world as explorers and living here and now. Always putting ourselves in play, waiting for all the beauty that this journey called Life gives us.

Traveling with the mind in this mood we felt compelled to continue doing research. We found that behind the word Woo there was a world. 

In Chinese it is pronounced (pinyin): wǒ and has a centuries-long history. 

He tells of a warrior who in the 2nd century A.C, very strong and safe in the service of his lord, slowly makes room for a warrior who represents the spiritual connection with the natural elements, which act as a bond, a pronoun that reflects the periods of peace before the bloody kingdoms.