WOO Raincoats is a weave between past and future, a vision of sustainability that
emphasizes the impact that each of us has on the planet.
A new and respectful dialogue with nature, in which she herself is the protagonist.
Woo is aimed at educated explorers, those who choose with awareness and look
around with curiosity.
"Do not underestimate the importance you can have because history teaches us that
courage can be contagious and hope can live a new life." - Michelle Obama.

Change, authenticity, individual responsibility, altruism, geniunity and sustainability are abstract words, but not empty.
They are containers of values, many, different and wonderful, and fashion can represent them with lines, colors, shapes; food for the eyes.
In Woo there is a marriage of mind and courage.
The First Lady quote speaks of history, hope and a new life.
The birth of WOO was in fact sanctioned by the courageous return to the homeland, by the valorization of what it was and what it can become.

The land of the sun, Salento, was in fact a land that fed a population that was content with small things, nothing was wasted, and respect for nature was fundamental, having gratitude od the daily bread.

As the roots keep you well anchored to the ground, grow and expand, for us
sustainability is a root, a vision that must remain firmly in the heart and mind, so
that sustainability becomes part of everyday life, choices and ideas.
Woo celebrates this in an absolute and genuine way.

The models proposed are clean, essential, accompanied by pvc that dialogues perfectly with the body, adapting comfortably on every curve of the human being.
The tones are a challenge between new and sweet combinations, allowing a cultural and behavioural interpretation on the challenge of no gender.
A series of products with contradictory codes of lightness and volume.

Woo wants to talk about sustainability.